Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eat Good Food

So I was at a red light at the intersection of West Ave and Church when I looked over and saw this new food truck in the parking lot next to BJ's farm stand. I've been waiting for this moment...Saratoga has seriously needed to step up their game and get on the food truck band wagon. Not only that, but this food truck offers "locally acquired foods and products" and has the motto that "everyone deserves to eat good food"...needless to say I was excited. 

How could you not want to stop by and see what they've got going on? Eat Good Food is open Monday - Saturday from 10-3, so I was able to head over for this afternoon for some lunch. I wish I had known that it's a cash-only kind of place so I could have stopped at an ATM beforehand, but my friend and I were able to make our collective $15 stretch for a very filling and satisfying lunch.  

First let's start with the menu. At first it's a bit difficult to figure out how to order, there are a bunch of delicious looking things but you sort of have to mix and match and guess at what the cost will be once you've decided what you want. I like that you get to be as creative as you want, and the owners are more than happy to help explain to you how to order. 

So there was this board, but then also a laminated menu that had just the categories such as "fish, carving, casserole" etc with prices. I think it would have been easier for me if there had just been lists of things such as "what you want" + "what you want it on" + "what you want on it". Does that make sense? But I guess that would be difficult for them to do since their menu changes daily (which is pretty exciting too, you can check what they're serving the night before on Facebook). I ended up inadvertently building a "trencher" which was just a little bit of everything tasty thrown together. Man, I feel like I confused myself just writing that last paragraph. 

So I ended up getting grilled salmon (what you want) on a basil and parmesan waffle (what you want it on) with balsamic dressing and greens (what you want on it). 

Now looking at that quickly you may think that that's not enough food. When I originally ordered the waffles I had an IHOP size stack of waffles image in my mind. Not quite the amount I got, but it was perfect regardless. It's amazing how when you have an actual "serving size" of something and are still satisfied you realize how many restaurants overfeed their customers. I had never had a savory waffle before and this experience certainly turned me into a true fan. It gave subtle support to the crispy grilled salmon and the balsamic greens topped the meal off perfectly. 

My friend ended up getting the quiche of the day - salmon, brie, and leeks. And that yummy looking dish on the far end was the berry crepe we split for dessert. 

The quiche was light and fluffy, we were told it had been baked that day and I swear you could taste the freshness. I had never had brie in a quiche before which gave it an interesting creamy texture that was a pleasant surprise. The berry crepe was just flat out amazing. Fresh fruit with home made whipped cream, all in a crepe that was just made minutes before...what more could you want in a summer dessert. 

Now see in that picture the beautiful painting that our food was on? Eat Good Food has a little seating area that consists of lawn chairs and painted ironing boards, with my favorite radio station playing in the background and everything! 

Seriously, this place gets more adorable by the minute. The only issue we had was that the ironing boards are high and you end up sinking pretty deep into the lawn chairs. So instead of using the ironing boards as tables we simply admired them while we ate off of our laps. I commented about them needing higher chairs, and my friend said that maybe they could just saw off a couple of inches from the ironing board legs. Either way, the proportions were a little out of whack for comfortable eating unless you're a particularly tall person. 

While we were sitting there eating, one of the owners (did I mention it's a family-run business?) came up to let us know that on Friday there was going to be someone playing acoustic guitar during lunch. Awesome. I also saw a sign on the truck that they make pack lunches for SPAC and the track, these guys think of everything. Now that I've got more of an idea of how their menu works, I can't wait to go back and try out different combinations, maybe build myself another "trencher". And since where I work is right down the street...I see a lot of Good Food in my future...


  1. So have you noticed that people are beginning sentences, in speach and now in writing, with the meaningless word "so"? I have. So I'm trying to break myself of the habit.

    I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Looking back I did start more than a couple sentences with the word "so", but I have to say I write how I speak, so that's where that comes from. Sorry it bothers you, but thanks for the tip...good luck breaking the habit!

  3. Funny how our perceptions of portion size have gotten so screwed up. I've had this happen quite a few times recently, where I get my food and think, "geez, that's it?" but then once I've eaten it, yeah, I'm satisfied, not stuffed but not hungry, either.

    1. It's a sort of chicken or the egg argument, are portion sizes so big because we expect them to be, or do we expect them to be because they are always so big! Crazy food philosophy!

  4. The food sounds great! I saw this truck for the first time the other day but I had just eaten lunch :( Glad to know it's worth making another trip- this time on an empty stomach. Toga totally needs a better food truck scene! This seems like it's a good start!

    1. Definitely check it out and let me know what you think, I'm sure they've got a great small business story for your blog as well!

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