Monday, December 3, 2012

Revisiting Izumi

Last time I wrote about how great Izumi is, and so for my revisiting review I'll tell you (mostly in pictures) about an amazing lunch I had there the other day. We were greeted and seated immediately, it wasn't too busy on a weekday lunch so we got one of those awesome barrel booths. Izumi has got some great lunch specials and inexpensive appetizers so we went to town!

We started with vegetable gyoza, which are traditionally pork so I was really excited they offered vegetarian options.

Then we got two salads, the seaweed salad and the cucumber salad. Both were light and refreshing, and the cucumber salad had a little spice to it which was a nice surprise. 

Last but not least we got one of the lunch specials, two rolls for $9! 

We opted for the shrimp tempura roll and a sweet potato roll. Both were delicious, though the shrimp tempura roll was so huge because it had two pieces of tempura that it made for awkward eating. But as long as you're able to laugh at yourself as you make a mess you should be fine. 

As always the staff there were incredibly friendly and both the owner and our waitress stopped by our table more than once to see how we were doing. Izumi for lunch is an amazing deal considering the quality of you have a favorite roll or appetizer there?

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