Sunday, October 7, 2012

Revisiting The Springs

Last night we were celebrating a friend's birthday and we thought that The Springs would be the perfect place to go after have such a great experience last time. Since this is a Revisiting review I won't go into full details, but you'll be able to tell what an amazing meal we had there just looking at the pictures!

We started off with The Loaded Saratoga Chips that were fully seasoned saratoga chips with melted cheese and bacon and came with sriracha mayo, olive tapenade, sour cream and salsa to dip.

Let's get a close up on those chips, they were so amazing. I kept thinking that they were such an ultimate gourmet version of the Irish nachos we had gotten the week before...and how I now want to put sriracha mayo on everything...

The Birthday Boy got the set price menu that came with bread, salad and steak. The steak came with fries, incredibly fresh broccoli, and a savory red wine sauce that I can't get enough of.

Uh oh, camera got blurry on that one when I was obnoxiously reaching across the table to get a picture, but I promise he was more than satisfied with his meal.

My date started off with a sweet potato bisque and the Crispy Half Duck for his entree. The soup was the perfect balance of sweet and savory, a great tribute to autumn.

The duck had an Asian twist and was incredibly rich, placed over vegetable fried rice. How beautiful is that presentation! I love that The Springs has such a diverse menu with Asian inspired dishes such as the duck and then mediterranean dishes like the one I got...

That right there is shrimp over vegetable cous cous with sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and kalamata olives. This dish was amazing, absolutely packed with flavor. When it was first placed in front of me I didn't think it would be enough, but it was surprisingly filling. Delicious.

Last but not least, the Mustard Glazed Salmon with vegetables and potatoes. My friend who got this was very happy with her meal, said it was "exactly what she wanted"'s really such a classic dish, you can never go wrong with it.

Alright now I feel like I've been rushing through the entrees because I am SO excited to tell you about what comes next. Now remember how I said we were going out for my friend's birthday? Well our waiter must have overheard us talking about it because he said "I heard it's someone's birthday, make sure you save room for dessert!"

....just wait...

LOOK AT ALL THAT DESSERT!!! Let's examine this beautiful platter: a slice of chocolate cheesecake, slice of raspberry cheesecake, coconut ice cream and raspberry sorbet. Wow. And it gets even better. When our waiter set this on our table, much to our extreme excitement, I asked if the coconut ice cream had chocolate in it (if it did I would have just tried to avoid it as I attacked the sorbet). But when our waiter found out that I was allergic to chocolate, he took the "better safe than sorry" approach and brought me this...

And it wasn't even my birthday! This was such an nice gesture I'm sure those of you with food allergies know, when restaurants take extra precautions to make sure you don't get sick it makes a huge difference. The Springs goes above and beyond for their guests, something that never goes unnoticed. When you go there, don't forget to use your Savoring Saratoga discount and let me know what you think! 

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