Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moby Rick's

The other night my date and I went to a movie and wanted to get a quick dinner beforehand. Since we live right around the corner from Moby Rick's we thought we would try their dinners for two. I had gotten seafood to cook at home before, but I hadn't gotten any of their meals yet so I was really excited!

We got there and checked out the three options for dinner that night, all of them looking pretty amazing. The guy behind the counter gave us detailed descriptions of all three, and I just couldn't make up my mind. The meals were in the $20-$30 range, were for two people, and all came with sides and such...what more could you want. I was eyeing the swordfish steak option and then he told us the game changer, we could order from the lunch menu too, adding at least fifteen more choices!

The lunches were very inexpensive and came with your choice of potato salad, cole slaw, or potato wedges. I ended up getting the steamed mussels in a ginger coconut sauce with the asian cole slaw and my date got the crab cakes with potato salad. We waited for about ten minutes for them to whip up our meals and then ate at the picnic tables out front.

I got two dozen mussels that they steam right then and there. The coconut ginger broth had big chunks of ginger and some sriracha sauce to add some spice. I absolutely loved it, my only wish was that it came with a big chunk of bread so I could have soaked up some of that sauce instead of having to throw it away.

My date's crabcakes were pretty great too, and he loved that both our meals came with pickles (quality pickles mind you, not those generic slices you see everywhere).

The crab cakes had some corn in them, but other than those little bites of sweetness it seemed like it was almost all crab meat! I know this sounds like it shouldn't been a big deal, but there are so many crab cakes out there that are mostly bread crumbs or some sort of other filler. So I was impressed, and the potato salad wasn't half bad either.

And you know what was also really exciting about all this? Our total, with two bottles of water, came out to $24! Not too bad for a quality seafood dinner on the go if you ask me. I love everything about Moby Rick's, the fact that they offer such a variety of meals, the fact that the employees really take the time to answer your questions, the fact that they have oars and life jackets hanging around like they just came back from sea...everything. What have your experiences been so far? Have you tried other meals there that you recommend? And if you haven't been there yet, make sure you check out the neighborhood's new fish market, you'll love it. 

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