Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Country Corner

Country Corner is one of those Saratoga classics that I will never get tired of. I went with two friends the other day and could not have been more excited when we had our choice of tables - we went during the week and normally when I go over the weekend there is at least a 20 minute wait. When we sat down I to to admire all of the antique knick knacks and the country farm feel of the restaurant, I love the feel of the place. That day the dining room was filled with families, groups of friends, and a few business lunches. Country Corner's got that atmosphere definitely appeals to every crowd.

The menu is just as versatile, though I have to say I'm always torn between two breakfast choices: huevos rancheros and some sort of eggs benedict. This day however I was really feeling the Heuvos, I wanted something hearty, filling and comforting.

This dish has got it all - two fried eggs over refried beans on a tortilla with cheddar cheese and scallions. Load that up with some sour cream and salsa and you've got one of my favorite breakfasts ever. The only thing that would put this over the top would be a couple slices of jalapenos, but I can understand how some customers might not be into that. I guess I just like a little extra kick.

My friend commented that I never put any pictures of myself on my blog. I have to say, I normally like pictures of the food to talk for itself, but for him I'll post this one slightly goofy picture.

Can you tell how excited I am for breakfast?

My friends got two other classic Country Corner dishes, the Bountiful Breakfast Bowl and the Breakfast Sandwich. 

The Classic Breakfast Sandwich is a build-your-own type of sandwich. You can choose your breakfast meat, type of cheese, and type of bread. Here's what my friend's looked like:

One egg with cheese and sausage on a bagel. Not to mention those perfectly cooked home fries on the side. Classic. Simple. Tasty. 

The Bountiful Breakfast Bowl is just what it sounds like - bountiful with all things breakfast. 

This huge breakfast has scrambled eggs, scallions, cheddar cheese, bacon and tomatoes all over hash browns with a biscuit on the side. Wow. And for that biscuit on the side, our waitress brought some of Country Corner's famous home made jam. 

I can't remember what these exact flavors were, but trust me when I say that every flavor they make is delicious, you can taste the home made love. And of course breakfast is not complete with a cup of coffee. I have to say, that tiny little cup never quite does it for me, but someone is always coming around with a pot asking if you want a refill. The waitresses at Country Corner are so friendly, even on crazy busy weekends they are always smiling and checking up on you, making sure your food gets out on time. 

If you haven't been to Country Corner yet, check it out next time you are in the mood for brunch. If you're worried about getting a table you can always go during the week. It's busy during the weekend but it's worth the wait, it satisfies that craving for hearty comfort food that you just have to have after a long week. 

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