Thursday, December 8, 2011


I went to Tiznow this past Sunday for dinner and I have been hurrying to put together the blog because I am just so excited to write this post! I can't tell you how many times I have passed this restaurant and never thought to go. I couldn't even tell you why, it's not that I had heard bad things or that I got a strange vibe - it just never occurred to me to go. Thanks again to Restaurant Week and my goal to try new places, I gave Tiznow a chance and I'm sure glad I did!

When we first walked in I was very impressed by the atmosphere. Very elegant and romantic feeling...and what a huge space! I barely even noticed the huge flat screen TV over their well stocked bar. This definitely seemed like a great first date/anniversary dinner kind of place. After my date and I ordered we settled down for a very promising meal.

And then. Suddenly. The Game was on the TV. I couldn't even tell you what game (Giants vs. ???) all I know was that it was The Game. As soon as that happened, heads turned and conversations died. There was one couple that actually repositioned themselves so that the husband could have a better view of the TV. Talk about the romance factor plummeting. For a place that seemed so focused on being a classy establishment it seemed strange for them to have this aspect of a sports bar. There were many looks of disappointment and of "well if I knew we would just be watching the game we might as well have stayed home". Tiznow, if you're reading this, change the channel to the Yule Log or something.

While this was happening, our appetizers arrived. One word: WOW! I got a butternut squash soup that was unlike any I had ever had. Topped with cilantro, there was a gingery taste to it that was unforgettable. My date got the Tiznow salad which was also delicious, even though it had to compete with my soup. Our entrees were even more impressive. I got the seared yellow fin tuna with a sweet soy sauce (I guess that's where their asian/french fusion comes in?) while my date got bacon wrapped shrimp. At first I was surprised with how small the portions were, but to be honest they were the perfect amount. I guess that's just the American in me expecting an obscene amount of food when I really don't need that much.

So I'm going to say it again just because it was that good: get the tuna. It was cooked perfectly and the coconut-ginger rice complimented it just the way it was supposed to. Way to go Tiznow. My date enjoyed his bacon wrapped shrimp, though I think with his appetite being slightly larger than mine he could have gone for a little more food on his plate.

Then came dessert. This is where our waitress really shined. She was extremely friendly throughout the night, and very attentive. Since it was restaurant week, we only had one option for dessert: chocolate dipped strawberry and banana filled pastry puff. Sounds pretty amazing, right? When I told her about my (tragic) chocolate allergy, she was very nice to have the kitchen make me a sort of strawberry banana crumble with the filling, whipped cream and everything. Yum! I have to say, I always appreciate when restaurants not only take my allergy seriously, but make sure I still get dessert!

Overall, Tiznow was a pleasant surprise. I had no expectations going in and still have no idea why I had not gone before. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking to impress a date or the in-laws...just make sure to avoid game night.


  1. I totally always got the same feeling when I walked past, "oh man we should go there!" but then I'd always forget about it. The food sounds incredible! Lovely post, Aliza!

  2. Those same football shenanigans happened to me at a wine bar a few weeks back: lovely atmosphere, great food and then BAM there's the game on a huge TV. Great post! Look forward to trying it out and reading more from you!