Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Give the Gift of Saratoga

The countdown to the holidays has started…has everyone gotten all of their present shopping out of the way? Now this post is not going to be a restaurant review, more of a gift idea for those who need some inspiration as it gets closer and closer to the holidays. And the idea is (drum roll please) what better gift to give than a taste of Saratoga! There are a number of stores that you can visit to put together a gift basket of Saratoga food. Show some of that Saratoga pride and let people know just how delicious the town is!

The first store I visited on this gift basket adventure was Saratoga Salsa and Spice. This store has got just about everything – salsa, hot sauce, hot fudge, spices, everything. The store showcases local Saratoga companies, though they have other brands as well to bulk up their incredible collection of hot sauces. Saratoga Salsa and Spice has pre-made gift baskets that I suppose you could pick up if you were in a hurry, but we both know it’s more fun to make your own. I personally like (love) the Best in Show hot sauce and the Saffron Aioli, either could go with just about any meal you can think of. Another plus – you can use one of your Spa City coupons here, $5 off if you spend $15 or more (which you will have no trouble doing, you’ll want everything).

The next store for your gift basket can be the Saratoga Candy Company. If nothing else, throw a Peppermint Pig in the basket for the true Saratoga experience. Does everyone know the story of the Peppermint Pig? The Saratoga Candy Company also has other Saratoga themed sweets that are just too adorable to not put in the gift basket. And yes, you can use a coupon here too; who said gift shopping had to put a strain on your wallet!

Last but not least on the gift basket taste tour of Saratoga – the Saratoga Olive Oil Company. I was awestruck when I first walked into this store, it’s absolutely amazing. They have a million different types of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and sea salt. And the best part is, you can TASTE THEM ALL. Now you may be wondering, what could I possibly use Blood Orange Olive Oil for? Good thing they are super prepared and have a recipe handout for different flavors to inspire your inner culinary creativity. I love talking to the people who work here and having major foodie moments, they know so much about olive oil and will take the time to make sure you pick out the perfect flavor for your gift basket.

So that’s all for now for your Saratoga gift basket. Leave a comment if you can think of other great local food companies that you can add, I’m always looking for new places to try. I’m sure you can also find all sorts of non-perishable goodies at the Saratoga Farmers Market. Oh and before I forget, this is a great gift for someone who lives out of town but if you are making a basket for a Saratogian make sure to throw in a Spa City Food Pack!

Best of luck with your shopping!


  1. Such a good idea! You could also probably put together a sweet gift basket with stuff from the Whistling Kettle...

  2. Thanks Aliza for your kind review of our shop (Saratoga Olive Oil Co.). We are so glad that you enjoyed your experience. I did not have the opportunity to meet you last time,, so please introduce yourself to me the next time you come in so I can thank you in person. I enjoyed the rest of your blog. Well written, honest reviews featuring the pluses and minuses of each spot. Fun reading!
    Happy Holidays!
    Barbara Braidwood