Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Hello everyone! Are you getting excited for Valentine's Day? I won't be able to go out on the actual night (gee thanks grad school) but I still wanted to let you guys know about all of the Valentine's Day specials going on. In fact, there are even some specials that are for more than just Tuesday night, since not everyone can (or wants to) go to dinner on the 14th. So here they are -

Sperry's has a special menu from Friday 2/10 until Tuesday 2/14. This menu is $45 per person and includes all sorts of exciting things like a San Francisco Ciopinno for Two and a Double Chocolate Truffle Sweetheart Cake for Two (try saying that ten times fast).

The Wishing Well has a special steak and lobster dinner that is being offered Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday. This romantic meal is $79 per couple but is exactly what it sounds like: steak and lobster. So while this sounds perfect for some people, vegetarians may want to head elsewhere.

Panza's doesn't have anything on their website about a special Valentine's deal, BUT they do have a weekly "Romantic Friday Dinner". This menu actually has a list of all of the aphrodisiacs used...pretty sexy.

Wheatfield's has a special Valentine's Day menu that is looks classic and delicious. Check it out.

Maetro's has three different options for couples dinners. There's the "Comfort Food Feast" for $70 per couple, the "Italian Feast" for $75 per couple, and the "N.E. Lobster Bake" for $125 per couple. I like that Maestro's offers different prix fixe deals so you know you'll get what you want. It all looks so good!

Last but not least, the Saratoga Winery has two separate events that look equally exciting. First, on Saturday the 11th there is a Sweetheart's Surf and Turf Wine and Food Pairing at $35 per person. Then on Valentine's Day there is a wine and chocolate tasting at $50 per couple. For those of you who have never been to the Saratoga Winery, it's an adorable and cozy environment that can certainly turn on the romance when it wants to!

So that's all I got for now, but let me know if you've heard of other romantic dinner deals! So I'm thinking of creating a Facebook page for Savoring Saratoga...what do you think?

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