Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I can't tell you how many times I have unknowingly walked right past Lillian's on Broadway. I don't know why but I've never thought to go in, maybe they need a little more pizzaz to catch some foot traffic. Well it was one of those Sunday mornings when every place seemed packed for brunch and my date and I walked up to Lillian's and thought why not?

Well as soon as we walked in I was shocked, it's huge! I had no idea! Lillian's has a beautiful space with lots of different rooms for events and a classy looking bar. One of the things I loved was all of the stained glass tiffany lamps, there were no two alike. This place gets an A+ for style, definitely a place to impress the parents. Also impressive - as soon as we walked in the hostess offered to take our coats, always a nice touch.

As soon as we were seated at our table by the window it was hard not to people-watch. You can get some quality people-watching on Broadway, and yet it still felt like we had our privacy. Our waitress came over to introduce herself, fill our water glasses and take our drink orders. Somehow in filling our water she got a little ahead of herself and spilled water all over the table, the floor, and little on me. At first it didn't bother me too much, these things happen and she apologized. But I kept expecting her to come back later to clean up the mess...and she never did. So I ended up having to use my napkin to wipe down our table and we were stuck with a small puddle at our feet. And then she didn't even offer to get me a new napkin, I had to ask for one since mine was soaked. No good...

I couldn't find anything on the menu that I was super excited about because in my heart of hearts I knew all I wanted was Eggs Benedict. Well actually I really wanted Hollandaise sauce, but you can't ask for a bowl of that for brunch. There were no vegetarian Eggs Benedict on the menu but the waitress was accommodating and let me switch out the bacon for the spinach and here's what I got:

There's a whole lotta food on that plate! I can barely finish two eggs benedict to begin with, do I really need a danish and all those potatoes? Those potato wedges were pretty amazing though, and even though I was about to burst I couldn't stop picking at them. They were the perfect amount of crispy and salty for me! The eggs were pretty disappointing though, they weren't poached long enough so that the whites were still really runny and the whole thing sort of disintegrated when I tried to put a bite on my fork. Not to mention that the english muffins were so hard that I could barely cut them, which I'm sure didn't help the mess I was making on my plate. Overall the potato wedges were the saving grace of my meal.

My date on the other hand had a pretty successful meal. He started his meal with a French Onion Soup and ended with a Great Dane burger (that's the beauty of brunch, you can get either breakfast or lunch and everyone's happy).

The French Onion soup was satisfying though a little too salty, and the melted cheese was so gooey that it was impossible to eat gracefully, just like it should be. I don't know why but I was sad it didn't come in the traditional brown bowl that french onion soup normally comes in. Oh well, it was still tasty!

The Great Dane burger was cooked medium rare with bacon and bleu cheese on top. If that's not a fantastic combination of flavors, I don't know what is.

This burger was the melt-in-your-mouth kind of delicious (yes I tried it, I couldn't help myself) and neither the bleu cheese nor the bacon overpowered the burger, which sometimes they have a tendency to do. My date said the quality of the burger itself (since I'm not one to judge meat) was pretty good too. Personally, I think they should have paired the burger with the potato wedges rather than plain old french fries, but that's just me.

I feel like maybe I should give Lillian's another chance. Maybe they were having an off day, or maybe that's the norm. Maybe they're more on top of their game for dinner. I also have a feeling they would be a fun place to go for happy hour, so we'll see...

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