Monday, February 13, 2012


I always love going to Ravenous and the other day when my friend and I had a lunch date it seemed the natural choice. There's something great about being extremely hungry and thinking "ravenous? why yes, I am". The food is always exactly what I'm craving and the space itself is intimate and cozy with it's big community table in the middle, what more could you want?

We started off our meal with Moroccan Ice Tea, which is green tea with mint and honey. This is one of the most refreshing drinks, and not too sweet which is important - I feel like a lot of ice teas out there are just a means to get a sugar high.

Notice that sign? They always have the most amazing sounding specials! Personally, I get the exact same crepe every single time, but I'll get to that in a moment, first I want to talk to you about their pommes frites.

YUMMMMM! These babies are fried twice to give you double the amount of crunchy, savory goodness. Hands down the best in Saratoga. Throw in some horseradish mayo mixed with a little bit ketchup (my personal favorite) and you've got yourself an appetizer you won't be able to stop eating. We ordered a medium but I think a small would have done the job for two people, we weren't able to finish them and I wanted to save some room for my crepe.

A note on the staff at Ravenous - while we were enjoying our pommes frites and waiting for our crepes our waitress was helping in an elderly couple. I noticed that the man was in a wheelchair and that there is a small step coming in the door that might prove difficult. Our waitress immediately ran over and helped to lift him into the restaurant. She was a great waitress overall, and it's the small things like her good deed that really make a restaurant stand out.

So remember I said I get the same crepe every time? I have literally gotten La Sorbonne every time I've gone to Ravenous for the past six years...I just can't bring myself to get anything else! It's not that the other crepes don't look appealing, I'm just particularly dedicated to this one.

Doesn't that look delicious? That is the perfect combination of asparagus, goat cheese, and sun dried tomatoes. And since I always get the horseradish mayo for my pommes frites I also like adding a bit to my crepes for a little extra kick. Maybe one day I'll try another crepe, maybe.

My friend opted for the Crepe Heloise. This crepe has goat cheese, tomatoes, scallions and basil.

Next time I'll move the garnish out of the way so you can see the food a bit better, but doesn't that look good? This crepe is jam packed with flavor and is a lot more filling then you would think. Ravenous has great portion sizes that never leave you over full...unless you go crazy with the pommes frites which is understandable.

Another cool thing that I found out at lunch - Ravenous is starting a happy hour! I always loved that they served woodchuck, one of my favorite kinds of cider, but I would have never thought to go there for drinks. But now you can go to Ravenous for happy hour and enjoy complimentary pommes frites! Might as well make it a real deal and use your coupon from your Food Pack for $8 off! Just make sure you get there early, Ravenous' only possible downfall is that it's pretty small and fills up quick. But even though it's a bummer when you've had your heart set on crepes and you can't get a table, I don't think it would have half it's charm if it was in a bigger location, don't you agree?

Long story short - Ravenous is awesome.


  1. I have SUCH good memories of us in college, all together at Ravenous. And pomme-frites? More like NOM-frites.

    Very nice review, sistah.

  2. Ravenous continues to be one of my favorite Saratoga places, always consistently good. The setting is imtimate and non-pretentious.

  3. Great review. I salivated as I read it. Ravenous never disappoints and is one of my all time favorites!