Thursday, September 13, 2012


One Friday night I was walking home and noticed something new outside of Scallions...there was a declaration over the door that they were "open for breakfast on weekends". What! A new breakfast place in Saratoga! Needless to say we were there the very next morning, partly because I was so excited to try out a new breakfast spot and partly because so soon after the move we still had a very empty fridge. 

I'm assuming not that many people know that Scallions is open for breakfast, because when we walked in it was almost empty and we got to sit in one of the huge circle booths even though there were just three of us. This was so perfect, normally there's a decent wait no matter where you go for brunch, and I was just way too hungry for that. Our very friendly waiter was over right away with menus and to take our drink orders (coffee coffee coffee!) and he informed us that they had started serving breakfast at the beginning of track season but were planning on keeping it throughout the year. 

While we were waiting for our food I checked out the art on our particular table. One thing that's really interesting about Scallions is the art, but not just art on the walls...your tables are art, the bar chairs are art, the mirrors are art....there's art everywhere. I wish I knew what that particular style is called - but I promise that when you see it you'll recognize it. Here's a link to some of their pictures from the restaurant since I forgot to snap one of our table...anyone know what that kind of art is called? It can get a little overwhelming the first time you go there, but once you've been there a few times you get used to it. They used to have a gallery next door selling pieces with the same design but now that space is a gallery lounge, maybe a nice place to have a glass of wine before dinner?

The first dish to come to the table was a fruit and yogurt plate that our waiter enthusiastically stated was SO good! 

That's beautiful. And it was SO good! I have to admit, I wasn't the one who ordered it, but that didn't stop me from stealing a spoonful or two (or three) and snagging one of the mint leaves. 

After the fruit and yogurt, the two men at the table got their breakfast wraps. They both got different wraps but they looks awfully similar don't they?

With both wraps the egg to "stuff" ratio was off, there was so much egg that it was hard to taste whatever else there was!  Both guys said that they mostly just had bites of egg with occasional hints of bacon or avocado or salsa. This might be one of those "less is more" scenarios, where less egg would have made this a much better wrap, something more exciting and flavorful.

I was missing my bagels and lox from home, specifically from this bagel place near my parents in Brooklyn (toasted everything bagel, lox, cream cheese, red onion, capers and tomatoes). So I ended up getting the smoked salmon panini that came with cream cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers on a marbled rye bread. 

Maybe it was because the tomatoes and cucumbers were cut thick, but this panini got pretty messy pretty fast. Suddenly there was tomato juice and cream cheese everywhere and I just had to give in to the fact that I was going to have to wash my hands, and probably my face, by the end of breakfast. Despite how messy it was, this was a great breakfast. To me it tasted like home and that was exactly what I wanted at the time. 

Overall we had a great breakfast at Scallions - the staff was cheerful, the food tasted fresh, and the atmosphere was casual and quiet. Oh and did I mention that the price was right? We ended up using one of our coupons from the Spa City Pack and saved $8, but even without that it would have been very reasonably priced. I would like to see Scallions get a little more adventurous with their breakfast menu, but maybe since they're just starting out they're playing it safe. But I feel like breakfast is really one of those meals where restaurants can set themselves apart...go crazy, get creative! How has your experience been at Scallions? Anyone been there for breakfast yet?

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