Monday, September 24, 2012

Henry St. Harvest Festival and my new found love for The Chocolate Spoon

Yesterday a friend and I went to check out the harvest festival over on Henry St. and it was so adorable! This is one of those Saratoga traditions that make this town such a special place to live.  I loved all of the local business booths there and most of all the FOOD stands! There were chips and dip, pickles, cookies and the Eat Good Food truck was even there. What a perfect way to spend a beautiful autumn afternoon.

One of my favorite discoveries at the harvest festival was The Chocolate Spoon. Now you may be thinking, what's a girl who's allergic to chocolate going over to a booth called The Chocolate Spoon? Look at how incredible the display was and you'll understand why I was so drawn...

These pictures really don't do Marcie's table justice, I loved the glass containers and everything was just so perfectly placed and I wanted to try it all...or at least the chocolate free ones. We ended up trying a rosemary butter cookie that melts in your mouth with a little bit of a savory twist. The Chocolate Spoon has some of the more classic options like snickerdoodles and linzer cookies, but she also has some creative combinations like vanilla lavender shortbread and chocolate and black pepper discs. Everything was also very reasonably priced, a bag of 5 small cookies was $2 and her card states that a batch of cookies are $17 (a batch is 12-15 oversized, 40-60 minis, or 24 medium sized). Marcie is at the Wednesday Farmer's Market so hurry up and get some delicious treats! Does anyone have a favorite cookie yet?


  1. I was there yesterday and meant to stop at her both but got totally side tracked. Her items look great! I will try and swing by the farmers market in the next couple of weeks to try some of her goodies. :)

  2. Jennifer you would love it, definitely a great example of a small local business winning the hearts (and stomachs) of Saratoga!