Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guest Post on One Caroline

Hey guys, here's a guest post from Dan at Fun in Saratoga. He and his wife went to One Caroline and it sounds like they had a pretty amazing dinner!

My wife and I went to One Caroline Wednesday night for dinner and I don’t know what we enjoyed more, the great food or the outstanding entertainment. I would recommend the place based on either attribute.

I had the salmon special which was tasty and certainly filling; it came with I guess a type of salsa that included a healthy supply of kidney beans. I sure got my protein for the evening. Margarita had the Cataplana, which can be best described as a Portuguese version of Paella. Both dishes were great and the Cataplana gets extra points. Even the bread was great -hot and crusty right from the oven. The service was excellent as well - our server Stefanie seemed to be there every time we needed her to be.

I mentioned the really talented band, Masters of Nostalgia, with owner David Pedinotti leading with some guest singing from his daughter Sarah, which really made the whole experience a great night. We will be back on a Wednesday again because I think the Masters of Nostalgia plays every Wednesday. They were not only talented and fun, but their play list was great as well - it was a mix of what seemed to be mostly American roots rock and roll - some Petty, Eagles, The band, Rick James - I think I heard a song with that rockabilly beat when I was walking in. OK, maybe not Rick James but…. I hate the fact that I have no pictures for this post because one of the best things about Aliza’s blog is her vivid pictures of the food. Forgive me Aliza - but how about you go to One Caroline and get some pictures for this - you will take better ones than me anyway!

With that review I think I have to go to One Caroline (with my camera haha), it sounds like a delicious experience. When you go, don't forget to bring your Spa City Pack Coupon and get two meals for the price of one!

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