Sunday, June 10, 2012

Revisiting Hattie's

Last night a few of us went out to celebrate a very special birthday. And where did the birthday girl want to go? Hattie's! No complaints from me! You can read my original experience with Hattie's and the guest post from Mamatoga on their brunch...all in all pretty great food and last night was no exception.

Since this is a revisiting post, it will be mostly pictures and some we go!

Looking at that you really can't tell what it is BUT it's the fish special of pecan crusted haddock over a spicy slaw and greens. I have to say, it was nice that there was a non-fried option. And it was delicious.

Chicken and andouille sausage gumbo...spicy and sassy. 

Gazpacho - a good amount of kick but not quite as chunky as I would have liked. I guess I'm fairly picky when it comes to gazpacho, I like big chunks of vegetables, the perfect amount of spice and the taste of summer. Hattie's was close, but not quite there.

Good 'n Evil Wings. Wow. I just want to put this sauce on everything, it's that amazing. And the fact that they put pecans in the blue cheese...way to go Hattie's! 

Catfish Fingers with saffron aioli. The catfish fingers themselves are incredibly buttery so paired with the thick aioli it's a pretty decadent dish. I think I would prefer it with a different dipping sauce, maybe something with horseradish? I love that sauce that comes with their other catfish dish. It's still pretty tasty though as is, who doesn't love saffron.  


We ordered a slice of banana cream and pecan pie for dessert. They were huge, the four of us couldn't finish them so I can't imagine ordering one for myself! The banana cream was perfect, the combination banana and coconut is always a winner. The pecan pie was a little dry for my taste but I think it just didn't quite meet the standards that the banana cream pie had set. They had other southern style desserts that night such as sweet potato pie and a fruit crumble that I can't wait to go back and try! 

That night we had a living social coupon for a pretty great discount. Every other time I've used those kind of coupons I've either printed them out or just shown them on my phone. It got a little complicated at Hattie's though where they wanted us to download it, then mark it as used, then forward it to them so they could print it...extra confusing too because it wasn't a coupon that my friend had purchased herself, it was a birthday gift, so she couldn't access the original living social account. All in all, what should have been very simple was not. I'm pretty sure all they needed was the coupon number, but oh well. We still love Hattie's despite technical difficulties. 

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