Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Revisiting Capriccio

This past weekend I went to Capriccio with my family. I won't write a full review since I already wrote one a while ago, but I'll give you some pictures and share some highlights. Overall the experience was slightly less magical than the first time we went - mainly due to brighter lights and an obnoxious guy at the bar - but the food was still excellent. I had also been under the impression that Sunday nights were family-style nights? A couple huge dishes for the table? That wasn't the case this past Sunday but we still enjoyed ordering our own meals.

The Wood Roasted Vegetable Antipasto and the Live (meaning they just cut the lettuce) Caesar salad were the perfect appetizers for a party of five. I am particularly in love with the spreads that came with the antipasto, black olive, white bean, and a goat cheese pesto...yum. 

My mom said this was one of the best pork chops she ever had...that's saying a lot...

I got the same dish I got the last time, the Stuffed Eggplant, and there was a disappointing amount of sauce. You can even see in the picture from my last review the difference - but other than the lack of tomatoey goodness the dish was still pretty amazing. 

This was the only dish ordered that was a total flop. My sister was so disappointed with her meal that I tried the meat (yes, my vegetarian self took a bite) just to see what was wrong. Even though I'm no expert on Beef Scallopine, I could tell that the meat was leathery and flavorless - probably not what it was supposed to be. 

When you go to a fancy restaurant like Capriccio you don't always think about ordering pizza. But you should - they're amazing. 

This was one of the specials, Ahi Tuna with pea shoots and potato salad. You can't tell from the picture but there is a LOT of tuna on this plate. There was a delicate combination of flavors from the pea shoots and potatoes that brought out the tuna very nicely. I hope this special was a hit and maybe they put it on the menu? Maybe?

So this is the first repeat in restaurants on Savoring Saratoga so far, and I figured some pictures and comments instead of a full review? What do you think? Obviously you don't always have the same experience at the same restaurant, and this way you get sort of an ongoing review type deal. Keep those restaurants on their toes! And as always - let me know if there are any restaurants you want to see reviewed or if you have any stories from the restaurants on Savoring Saratoga...I love hearing from you!


  1. I only went once last year when I was in town, but my wife and I really enjoyed the pizza and pasta we had. Given how tight the place is, I can imagine one loudmouth at the bar would ruin the entire atmosphere. Nice review, keep up the good work.

    How about a visit to the new 28 Tables with Panza as chef?

  2. Nice blog(the pictures are nice) but how about giving some pointers to the general public on how to get better serice in a restaurant, tricks of the trade kind of thing?

  3. Rob - I will definitely check out 28 Tables, I've heard great things! Citizen Nancy - that's a great idea, I'll keep that in mind for my next review. Is there any place you want to see on Savoring Saratoga?

  4. Hmmm. I do appreciate the upscale places you've reviewed but the less flashy places seem to get overlooked. How about giving Grasso's Italian ice a review. It is uniquely saratoga and yeah its italian ice but perhaps you could say something about it that hasn't been said before.

    It's getting to be tourist season and any place I've traveled to I ask the locals where they go to. How about Spring Street deli, they consistently crank out high quality low cost fare for the regular joes. I think I may have been the only person to review the East Side Deli, (formerly Giacone's) and you could steer some tourists to these types of places. Think about a "best place to have brunch in Saratoga" post. Lot's of choices nowadays. Also, I know nothing about Jacob and Anthony's how about giving that a review?

  5. I went to Jacob & Anthony's a while ago and wrote about it (you can check it out under Dinner) but I definitely want to go there again and check out their outdoor seating. As for the less flashy places, I'll definitely give Spring Street Deli a review next time I go. I try to have a wide price range for restaurants but somehow it always ends up being fancier places for dinner and less fancy places for lunch. I've never been to Grasso's, can you believe it! I'm excited to start hitting up some of Saratoga's ice cream/gelato/italian ice places, it's about that time of year.

    1. I couldn't find your email on your blog, but I was thinking maybe you could write a guest review? If you're interested, shoot me an email an we can figure out details!

  6. Aliza, Thank you for adding me to your list of blogs. Much appreciated. Yes I wouldn't mind doing a review in the near future. Will keep you posted.

  7. Yes, I would love to do a guest review in the near future. Thank you for suggesting it. I will keep you posted. My e-mail is muldoonmedia@yahoo.com